Hi, I'm Olivia

Doctor, Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

Mission statement:

I am on a mission to help women globally lead healthier, happier & fulfilling lives!

After being in medical practice for the last 15 years I came to realise it no longer aligned with my core values. I no longer wanted to be the doctor that dishes out pills or managed conditions (though there is a place for that) but I wanted to be able to empower people with the tools and resources to take control and ownership of their health and the ability to heal themselves from the inside out and lived fulfilled lives. I strongly believe in preventative Medicine.

I am a mother of 3 wonderful girls and as working mum and the desire to be a present mum to them while growing and live life more purposefully had deepened over the years – I had to listen to my heart.

Coaching has provided me with the freedom to follow my passion for Fitness and Health whilst also helping people in a far more impactful way than I could in the confines of my clinical work, and live the life that is best suited to me and my family.

I now help women build a strong mindset, life and business through fitness, nutrition, personal development, community and accountability.