Become A Wellness Coach

If you are interested in helping other women globally to lead healthy fulfilling lives whilst also being

able to work on their own health and fitness and build an income which could just be to pay a few

additional bills or to support a life which allows you to work completely on your own terms, and

travel just as it has for me then you are in the right place.

I am looking for women who are passionate about helping others who want to work on their health
and wellness whilst building their very own business. This is an opportunity to have me as your
personal business mentor.
If you wish to apply to be part of the team please complete the below application and I will come
back to you as soon as possible!

I look forward to learning more about you

Dr Olivia Ariyo

Hear From My Tribe


“I have found my tribe, my community, my family with these women on this team”


I am on a mission is to help women lead healthier, happier & fulfilling lives!


Ready to get started?

I can’t wait to learn more about you.